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Don Page
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DON PAGE, ADVENTURES FOR LIFE, has published an iBook entitled… Discover Mount Kilimanjaro – a photographic journey to the summit. This book references Good Earth Tours and links to GET as the outfitter he used. It delivers the visual experience of an actual hike including photographs along the trail, plus interactive maps and a narrative of the experience.

This iBook chronicles the experience hiking up the Rongai trail and down the Marangu trail. This immersive visual experience shows photographs taken during the actual hike plus maps that utilize GPS recordings to produce the exact path along with detailed mileage and altitude information. A reader will see and hear what an actual hike was like each day on the trail.

The book is great resource to assist you with preparations for a hike on Kilimanjaro or for insight into the Kilimanjaro summit experience. This iBook is free and is readable on an Apple iPad or Mac desktop. To read the book, click here.

Special thanks to Don Page with Adventures For Lifeenjoy the read!

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