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GOOD EARTH TOURS is pleased to announce that we are formalizing partnerships with organizations of a like mind and purpose. In this instance… the conservation of African wildlife and their habitats.

We are close to finalizing an agreement with the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF), which holds great promise for ourselves, in partnership with AWF, to make a difference on a variety of fronts. Good Earth Tours will provide details on this partnership once we are ready.

Arte for ElephantsAnother partnership we are excited about is one with Arte for Elephants (AFE). Our commitment to AFE and this organization’s goals… to make a difference with respect to elephants in Africa and beyond, via the sale of works of art to save elephants …will do a great deal to ensure a bright future for elephants.

Elephants are intelligent, emotional and family oriented… they are also facing exploitation and extinction throughout the world. AFE generates funds for existing charities through the sale of original artwork by professional and non-professional artists. You, as an existing or prospective client of Good Earth Tours, can feel good knowing that a substantial portion of every sale goes to support one of the AFE partner charities.

Both of these partnerships are aligned with our vision and mission as outlined in the Good Earth Ecosystem. We trust you will agree.

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