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Narry Ernest (middle) discussing the next project by Good Earth to renovate the school’s kitchen with teachers Temba and Wazaeli at Ngaruma Primary School

GOOD EARTH TOURS IS COMMITTED TO RESPONSIBLE TOURISM. Our company is dedicated to the sustainability of the natural environment and well-being of the people of Africa. In our effort to operate an eco-friendly business, we partner with several local schools and conservation organizations in Africa to help promote conservation, environmental awareness and community involvement in a way that is fun and educational.

When you travel with Good Earth Tours, not only are you choosing an eco-friendly holiday, you are also making a contribution to the sustainable development of the countries you visit.

What Can You Do to Support Eco-Tourism When You Travel?
  • Purchase locally made products instead of imported ones.
  • Respect the local cultures and traditions.
  • Do not purchase souvenirs made of endangered indigenous wood, or souvenirs that encourage the destruction of natural habitat, eg: coral, large sea shells or living animals.
  • Do not remove any natural objects like plants or shells from their habitat.
  • Do not harass wildlife… this disrupts their natural behavioral patterns and could result in you being harmed.
  • Do not litter… take any trash that is generated back with you.
  • Use water sparingly… it is scarce resource.

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